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Core Energetics

How Core Energetics Can Rock Your World

Clients are amazed at how different they feel after a Core Energetics session.  They experience a freedom and a joy in their body that is unexpected and satisfying. This body-centered psychotherapy works faster than traditional therapy. The difference is "moving the energy" in your body.  Your energy is simply the combined result of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical experiences and expression.  You can read someone's energy by seeing their sad eyes, their drooped shoulders and hearing the crack in their voice when they speak.  We are all able to "read" this, it isn't mysterious. With extensive training, Core Energetics practitioners use this skill to engage with your whole self. We use different physical techniques that bring movement, breath and awareness to the body. Sensations in the body begin to change and there is a release.  This release is often physical and emotional. Once released, we get in touch with the deeper consciousness that is present.  Often people feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted or joy in being able to feel connected to their innate pleasure.

The relationship between therapist and client is at the forefront of this work.  If you don't feel safe, if you are hesitant (who isn't?), it is taken into serious consideration as to the pacing of how quickly we begin exploring your experiences in your body.  Also, I will be straight up with you about what is present and challenging you when needed.  Your body is the leader.  Our job is to listen to it.

If you are tired of "talking about it" and obsessing about "it", I invite you to explore a Core Energetics session. Request a free consultation:

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