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What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics therapy, established over 30 years ago by John Pierrakos, M.D., seeks to integrate the mind, body and spirit to support personal evolution. It is often described as a body-centered or somatic psychotherapy. Core Energetics builds on the premise that grace, power and happiness are our natural birthrights and that each of us has the ability to live to our full potential and release the blocks that keep us discontent.

Just as a tree trunk will give detailed information about particular environmental events and traumas in any given year, so too do our bodies "hold" real, physical manifestations of emotional wounds and fears. And just as a skilled arborist can look at a tree trunk's rings and describe the life history of that tree, so can a Core Energetics practitioner observe a person's body and countenance and read energy blocks that have formed over the course of a person's life in response to emotional stimuli and challenges.

These blocks manifest as self-protective masks and habits, formed in the past and now entrenched such that we are usually little aware they even exist. The body retains these behavioral blocks, preventing us from being fully alive and present. Core Energetics allows release of these blocks into consciousness, offering the opportunity to heal them and to emerge into a place of joyful power, where we have choices over our responses to the richness of life's offerings.

Who would benefit from Core Energetics?

As a novel approach to personal healing and evolution, Core Energetics can benefit anyone who seeks to feel more alive, joyful, present, openhearted, and powerful.

With a practical emphasis on real healing, manifested in evolved behavioral choices, and its caring and intelligent approach to energy and the "bodymind", Core Energetics can be particularly helpful for you if you are:

  • Dissatisfied with traditional talk therapy
  • Ready to take your therapy to the next level
  • Needing to move through creative blocks
  • Desiring more pleasure, including sexual energy
  • Experience consistent feelings of self-doubt, shame, fear, or anger
  • Have suffered more serious emotional traumas

The History of Core Energetics

Core Energetics was created and developed in the 1970s by John Pierrakos, M.D., in the therapeutic lineage of Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, and Sigmund Freud. In the 1950s, Pierrakos and Alexander Lowen co-founded Bioenergetics, one of the earliest body-centered psychotherapies in New York City.

In ensuing years, Dr. Pierrakos observed that his clients were in need of more expansive healing. Incorporating an understanding of energy fields, spiritual growth, and a physician's knowledge of the intricacies of the human body, he created the practice of Core Energetics and established the Institute of Core Energetics in New York in 1980. Core Energetics now has several institutes in the U.S., and international training centers in Europe, Mexico and the South Pacific.

How is Core Energetics unique?

  • Core Energetics is a process, and clients are active participants in their own healing processes. As opposed to other strictly body-focused therapeutic modalities (like acupuncture or massage), where work is done "on you", in Core Energetics, you are an active agent continually emerging into a fuller claiming of your own power and happiness.
  • Being "strength-focused", Core Energetics can guide clients to reach real points of healing, i.e., individuals can measurably move beyond certain issues that traditional talk therapy may not effectively address for years.
  • Core Energetics actively includes body, mind, emotions, will, and spirit. It is at the leading edge of Western therapeutic psychology and is one of the first truly holistic Western psychotherapies.

What is a Session Like?

Core Energetics Practitioners fundamentally create a safe, nurturing, and open environment in which the client feels increasingly free to release into expression of his or her true energy states. The Practitioner will "read" the client's body and countenance, often while listening to the client talk about significant issues and life events.

The Practitioner may then encourage the client to express energy through some action, vocalization, body positioning, or breathing, to connect with the body. Actions can include specifically designed exercises like punching, kicking, or yelling.

These expressions are specifically selected and encouraged by the practitioner to serve as "charges" to trigger the release of energy — crying, laughter, muscle tremoring, and other spontaneous responses are common.

Over time, this release of energy permits the individual to reemerge into a fuller sense of self. Energy blocks that once manifested as less appropriate emotional and behavioral responses fade away as the client grows into a powerful strength and joy in experiencing oneself and living one's own life as it is.

How does Core Energetics evolve one's energy? How does it heal?

Ultimately, Core Energetics is a process that equips clients to live more consciously and pleasurably, with a free-flowing spontaneous energy. Core Energetics posits that this alive, loving, spontaneous energy state is our birthright and that we can live in this state on a daily basis, interacting with all the elements of our lives with the same joyful strength. Freed from emotional reactions that no longer serve us, we can respond instead in full feeling and relationship to the present moment and all the persons and things that moment contains.

Individuals who have "completed" Core Energetics processes in relation to specific challenge areas of their lives report having healed through these issues in a lasting way. True transformational change has occurred, and they are now living at heightened levels of consciousness and connectedness with themselves, with others, and with their own lives.