Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples with a Specialty in Sex Therapy

Food & Body Image

Food & Body Image

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This specialized program is for you if you:

 - Value the deeper desires underneath the reach for food more than you want to lose weight

-  Are on a path of growth and have participated in therapy/coaching in the past

- Are ready to go deeper and partner with someone  who can help you

- Feel stuck and tired of running in circles

- Want to stop waiting for your life to begin once you get "thin" 

Through working together, you will: 

- Learn what your body is really needing

- Start a healthy relationship with food and your feelings

- Transform self-sabotage into self-care

- Learn how to truly satisfy your cravings

- Begin creating the life you want now


Cindy Michel’s influence on my life has been profound. Her nurturing, stabilizing presence during our sessions creates such a sense of calm for me as I work through my grief. I feel understood and supported to process what is going on for me emotionally and inevitably feel stronger and more aware after working with her. I would refer anyone to her, as I know they would benefit greatly.
— P.K.

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