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Sex Therapy

Sex is a natural, healthy expression that gets distorted and obsessed about in our culture. When this connection is disturbed through negative childhood or adult experiences, it can be shaming and/or confusing. This intimate, pleasurable experience can become feared or all too consuming. My office is a sex positive, confidential environment to untangle these issues with integrity and find solutions. Clients have described my approach as warm, straightforward and very effective.

Sex therapy may be for you if you struggle with:

  • sex / porn addiction or infidelity
  • having little sexual experience
  • varying low libido and/or high libido with your partner
  • painful sex that may include pelvic pain, vaginismus or vulvodynia
  • erectile dysfunction
  • couples sex therapy issues after being together for a long time
  • premature or delayed ejaculation
  • sexual trauma 
  • being a partner of a sex addict

Through working together, you will:
- Discover the physical, mental and emotional factors contributing to your struggle and how you can overcome them
- Create a fulfilling sexuality plan
- Be supported in a safe, confidential environment
- Have the opportunity to transform your relationship to your sexuality and create a healthy, intimate sex life

What to expect:

In a safe, affirming environment, we will explore what you are currently wanting to focus on and how we can collaborate on a solution. Sessions include talk therapy and somatic work when appropriate. In the first couple of sessions, you will leave with specific actionable steps and a plan for our work together.  For couples sex therapy, we will not only explore the specific problem you are wanting to solve but also learn how to more effectively communicate about it. Sessions are typically 50-minutes in length though some clients find they prefer 75-minutes or 1 hour and 40 minute sessions.


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