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Somatic Therapy

Effective sex therapy treatment requires a mind body connection be an essential part of the process. Together we will explore where you feel grounded and confident in your body and where you experience tension, numbness and discomfort. We will incorporate your beliefs, challenges and body awareness when reviewing your current problem and create a holistic plan for how to solve it. If we only look at your thoughts, we are missing a central part of the problem, which is mirrored in the body. By working with them together, clients say they experience quicker and more profound changes.

Working as a somatic therapist since 2004, I have enjoyed helping many clients experience a full range of feelings, embodiment and awakened aliveness. Becoming a somatic therapist convinced me to enter the field of psychotherapy because I saw proof of real life changes in myself and in others. I am trained in several forms of somatic therapy such as Core Energetics, EMDR and trauma resourcing and resiliency practices.

Core Energetics

This form of somatic therapy works faster than traditional therapy. Many therapy models teach how to change your thinking, but they don't teach you how to evolve the language of the body. Core Energetics believes our bodies hold our histories, memories and emotions and require equal attention if we want to truly embody the transformation we desire. Specific movement techniques, breathwork and exercises promote honest self-expression, release energy flow in the body and bring unconscious feeling and belief patterns into greater awareness. This awareness supports a more mindful relationship with yourself and with others, which then informs new behavior. New behavior creates different results in all areas of your life and your full potential begins to be realized.

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