Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples with a Specialty in Sex Therapy

Cindy Michel, M.A., LMFT

I work using a sex positive lens that includes everything from gender expression, monogamy, consensual kink to sexual compulsivity. 


Specialist in Individual and Couples Sex therapy

By the time someone finds my website, they have often been struggling with a sexual issue for a long time and it has taken a lot of courage to reach out and ask for help. I have deep respect for the human experience and the challenges we face when it comes to something as personal and private as sexuality.

Couples Sex Therapy

As a psychotherapist in Los Angeles trained in sex therapy, I often work with individuals and couples struggling with sexual dysfunction, sexual inexperience, compulsivity, high libido/low libido issues, past sexual abuse and trauma, gender expression and phase of life sexual difficulties. This includes but is not limited to erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, vulvodynia, vaginismus, rapid ejaculation and various forms of painful intercourse.

Our sexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are. When we are not confident or self-expressed in this part of our life, it affects our whole life. Some clients have never felt confident about their sexuality while others have difficulties after a major life change such as getting married, having children, menopause or an illness. When we don't feeling comfortable talking about these types of issues with anyone, it can be very isolating.

I work with a sex positive lens creating an attuned relationship with each client where I offer my expertise and partner with you in reaching your goals. I utilize my 13 years of experience as a somatic therapist to explore how the mental, emotional and physical challenges intersect and I will guide you in how to let them unravel and dissolve. This paves the way for healthier behavior to be practiced and strengthened so it is in alignment with your desires.

Married Couples Sex Therapy

Couples Therapy

For couples therapy, I specialize in using PACT (a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) where partners learn how to communicate effectively and increase intimacy. PACT works using neuroscience, attachment theory and arousal regulation. I often see couples who want to focus on improving their sex life and this method supports couples improving both intimacy and sex. 

Frequently, I see couples who are not communicating effectively. One or both partners say they don't feel supported and are questioning whether the relationship should continue. Couples sex therapy provides a safe environment to identify the obstacles standing in the way of understanding how you both relate to each other and how to make changes where you feel understood and loved. Often we are not taught these skills growing up and don't realize we are carrying false beliefs that are inhibiting what we actually want to achieve in relationship. Couples therapy provides the opportunity to create a renewed way of being and relating.


For some individuals, past trauma inhibits their ability in the present for connection, intimacy and healthy sexuality. People often hope they can avoid going to therapy or push past these sex-related issues if they just ignore them.  When these tactics don't work, clients often say they feel defeated and hopeless. Healing IS possible. Many scientifically-tested therapy techniques taught right here in Los Angeles have shown incredible results with people feeling resilient, stronger and with more hope for the future.

In all of my work, I incorporate a mind-body perspective that supports a holistic healing model. I will follow your pace and also encourage you to take risks when appropriate.

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